Furnitubes Bollards power through the economic downturn

In the current economic climate increasing numbers of consumers are favouring the traditional street market which has lead to a greater need to provide traders with an easily accessible source of power.

Furnitubes have been supplying local authorities with utility feeder pillars for their markets for over 60 years. Designed to house electricity or water supply points the bollards are an ideal source of power for vendors. The door of the bollard can be fully closed even while the units are in use ensuring complete protection.

Furnitubes power service bollards have already been supplied to Oxford street, London Borough of Bromley and Main Street, Gibraltar. The bollards have also been installed in recreation grounds, parks and campsites.

For further information on Furnitubes power service bollards contact their sales team today on 020 8378 3231 or email powerbollards@furnitubes.com

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