A new generation of Light Coffers is available from Ecophon, which offer even greater energy efficiency and performance whilst allowing freedom and flexibility in ceiling design.

Ecophon’s fully integrated Light Coffers enable architects and specifiers to design ceiling details without extensive research and detailing on behalf of the designer or specifier. The job is considerably simplified using the standard range of integrated coffers and component parts. The latest generation also has the added benefit of being designed to take the new T5 luminaire, with its excellent energy characteristics and flicker-free HF ballasts allowing digital dimming.

The Light Coffers include many new features including slimmer – and lighter - aluminium profiles, cast corners producing precise features and a new matt surface finish. This blends with the Akutext T surface of Ecophon ceiling tiles, meaning a continuous transition is effected between tiles and coffers.

Easier installation is a major feature with a fully finished & illuminated 2.4 x 2.4m coffer installed in just half a day. The system is delivered in kit form so there is no need to cut panels, mitre corners or for wet trades.

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