Fully insulated front doors to match your garage doors

If you are building your dream home and a must have is a garage with a top of the range garage door, then chances are you are going to want a matching design and colour for both the front door and the garage door on your new home.

Luckily, Garador offer a range of matching front doors and garage doors in a choice of up to 16 different colours and timber effect finishes. They have a selection of garage door models to complement and match Garador’s range of front doors, for example the Linear Large sectional garage door and FrontGuard FGS 515 front door, or the Design Range 212 up & over garage door and the FGS 900 front door. Plus, their sectional garage doors are insulated so you can keep your garage warm and dry, with U values down to 1.3 W/m2k.

Garador’s FrontGuard front doors are some of the most thermally insulated front entrance doors available; designed specifically to achieve substantial savings on your energy bills. Filled with a 46mm highly efficient insulating foam to minimise the loss of heat and specially designed aluminium frame to eliminate thermal bridges. With U values down to 1.1 W/m2k, Garador’s FrontGuard range fulfils the latest heat saving aspirations from the government, builders and home owners alike.

Garador’s FrontGuard front doors are attractive and offer excellent security for your home.  Supplied with RC2 security equipment and manufactured with five-point high security locking as standard, these front doors are highly secure too. Plus, three additional security bolts fitted to the hinge, which makes it so that the door is practically impossible to force open. The doors have also been designed so that they can work with a transponder, when the front door is fitted with an electro-mechanical locking system; simply hold the transponder up to the cylinder to unlock the door.

Garador has also launched a FrontGuard Plus range of front entrance doors offering 65mm solid dense polyurethane foam filling for when an even higher level of thermal performance is required. With exquisite new 800 and 810 modern door models just added to the range, there’s even more choice too. Now every home can benefit from these energy saving doors.

When it comes to stunning designs that match your garage door, outstanding security and savings on energy bills, Garador’s range of FrontGuard front doors offer the ultimate solution. Find out more by visiting www.garador.co.uk or calling Garador’s UK based sales team on 01935 443722.

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