From One Power Source to Another!

Atotal of 16N° 530mm diameter SunPipes were installed at West Burton Power Station in Lincolnshire to bring in energy free, pure natural light into the Control Room to replace the need for electric lighting during daytime use.

Considering West Burton Power Station produces 2,000MW of electrical power for their neighbourhood, it is quite an ironic compliment that they should look to Monodraught SunPipes to save energy for themselves!

Obviously, it is not just energy that they are seeking to save but they also wish to improve the internal environment by piping in natural light rather than relying purely on electrical lighting.

They are so pleased with the remarkable performance of SunPipes at West Burton Power Station that they have now ordered a further 12N° 530mm diameter systems to be installed!

SunPipes consist of a pure silver coated, mirror-finish aluminium tube that pipes sunlight down into the room below. Since SunPipes can incorporate adjustable elbows, they can twist and turn to avoid any structural members within the roof space, to bring daylight to exactly where it is needed. Although 530mm diameter SunPipes were used on this Project, there are 10 systems available altogether from 230mm diameter right up to 1500mm diameter. SunPipes eliminate the need for electric lighting from dawn til dusk and also bring considerable health benefits to any office, School or home, by piping in natural daylight. The Patented Diamond domes shown in the photograph will catch sunlight from any angle and the 96% reflectance of the mirror-finish tube captures daylight and intensifies and transmits that daylight down through the SunPipe.

The installation at West Burton Power Station was particularly tricky, since the Control Room is in operation 24 hours per day and is naturally, meticulously clean and dust free. All the SunPipes had to be installed above all the desking and control switch gear during the normal work day and had to be installed without any interruption to the normal day’s work. This is quite a credit to the skills of Monodraught’s installation teams, but at least they were able to plug in their power tools for a free charge!

Further information on Monodraught SunPipes from:- Monodraught Limited Halifax House Cressex Business Park High Wycombe Bucks HP12 3SE Tel: 01494 897700 Fax: 01494 532465 e-mail: web:

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