Friatherm replaces copper pipework

Friatherm pipework has made a big impression at Airedale Hospital in Yorkshire, which is undergoing a major program to replace all of the copper pipework with Friatherm.

Built in 1970, Airedale Hospital is an award winning hospital providing acute, elective and specialist care to patients across Yorkshire. The hospital has experienced extensive problems with the copper pipework that serves the hot and cold water services throughout the hospital and was looking for a more reliable alternative.

Since being installed, the copper pipework has suffered from corrosion, resulting in costly maintenance work for the hospital and the amount of temporary repairs has meant that the pipework is no longer fit for purpose. As a result, the hospital required a new pipework system that would need little maintenance and would be cost effective to replace the existing pipework network throughout the site.

Friatherm was selected, in sizes 15mm – 160mm, due to its performance properties and its quick and easy installation technique. The purpose designed plastic pipework system is completely limescale free and corrosion resistant, offering a 50 year design life, while the speed of installation and the fact that no power source or ‘hot works’ are needed, means that Friatherm offered significant cost savings for the hospital.

Commenting on the installation, Philip Coope, project manager at Airedale Hospital said: “The copper pipework that was originally installed in the hospital is just no longer meeting our demands; the corrosion and subsequent intense repair work has had serious financial implications, coupled with unacceptable levels of interruptions to service provision. These are the reasons we needed to source a reliable alternative.

“Reliability was the number one priority for us, but replacing the entire copper pipework network is a costly exercise so we were also keen to find a system that would limit the installation costs for us and Friatherm has been the ideal solution, meeting all our requirements.”

The hospital has replaced approximately 60% of the copper pipework throughout the site, with the remaining hot and cold water pipework identified for replacement with Friatherm on a year by year rolling basis.

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