Free standing projection domes for Audio Visual presentations

Design & Display Structures have been appointed by the Offshore Simulator Centre to manufacture free standing spherical image projection domes.  OSC specialise in providing simulator software systems to allow a variety of critical training, testing and evaluation of realistic 'full mission' scenarios which can be customised to support offshore activities ranging from rescue operations to advance offshore installation and salvage operations.

Designed to give 180 degree vision to the training operator, the image output undergoes manipulation to fit the curved surfaces giving the impression of complete visual immersion within the simulated exercise being undertaken.  Different models will be available to suit particular client site configurations, the smallest being 3m diameter.

Following the factory preassembly phase to confirm accurate fit and quality of every segment, each GRP dome will be dismantled into a kit of small parts and packed tightly into crates, complete with simple DIY assembly instructions, ready for shipping worldwide.

The prototype is the culmination of D&D working closely with international designer Joel Mills who carried out final testing in D&D's south east London factory with a HD projector.

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