Free fuel promotion

Plumbers across the UK will be given the chance to win free fuel vouchers thanks to the OSMA HepvO in-pack scratchcard promotion, which is rolling out at participating merchants across the UK on 7th April 2015.  
When purchasing a HepvO product from a participating merchant, plumbers will find a scratchcard inside every pack.  Just scratch all the panels and if the card reveals three HepvO hygienic waste valves then they can claim a £20 fuel voucher.
The unique HepvO waterless trap from OSMA is different to traditional water traps as it uses a fixed elastomeric membrane seal that won’t dry out due to siphonage, evaporation or movement.  And because there’s no water, it won’t leak, gurgle or crack due to freezing temperatures. HepvO can be installed vertically or horizontally to deliver exceptional performance no matter what the application.
Support for the 12 week promotion includes trade press advertising, direct mail and merchant display material at participating merchants.
To find out more about HepvO, go to

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