Free 2009 First Edition: Start the New Year with Some Building Wise Decisions….

A couple of decades ago a small pocket book arrived on the building scene. Whilst the pocket book was new, its publisher: Cavity Trays of Yeovil was long established. Each year the pocket book has grown and included more construction details. Now the 2009 version is available.

The 2009 edition of The Book of Wise Decisions includes new ways to tackle construction details and comply with the Building Regulations at the same time. In essence it is an identification guide, permitting the user to see how build details and build problems encountered everyday in the industry, can be more efficiently created or remedied.

With a Helpdesk service accessible by telephone, fax and online, the Book of Wise Decisions can steer the specifier and contractor in the direction of compliant solutions that are both cost effective and easy to use.

If you cannot see what you are after in the pocketbook, you can access the bespoke service. It offers purpose-made construction detail solutions at a speed normally associated with stock items.

The 2009 version of The Book of Wise Decision is printed in full colour, produced in A6 size, and available free of charge to industry professions. Considered by architects, surveyors and contractors as the ideal aide memoir, there is also the added benefit that the product solutions offered are accompanied with a performance warranty. If peace of mind is a quality sought by any industry operatives, then The Book of Wise Decisions must be first on everyone’s request list.

The 2009 version includes specification updates and enhancements, plus new construction solutions on protecting the building envelope from damp, establishing thermal barriers, fire barriers, acoustic barriers and ventilating structures. Cavity Trays is the only tray manufacture awarded European Technical Approval.

The new 2009 edition of The Book of Wise Decisions is available free of charge to industry disciplines on request from Cavity Trays Ltd Yeovil Somerset BA22 8HU.

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