Foremans publishes new literature for recycled modular buildings – a highly sustainable approach

Foremans Relocatable Building Systems, the UK’s largest supplier of recycled and refurbished modular buildings, has published a new brochure outlining the design options and technical advancements now available for its highly sustainable, fast and cost-effective accommodation solutions. 

The new literature for construction clients, main contractors and facilities managers in both public and private sectors, is an informative guide to procuring recycled modular buildings for offices, schools and colleges, utilities, hospital, transport and project accommodation.

It includes information about specifications, building refurbishment and reconfiguration, procurement options, health and safety, and the environmental credentials of recycled modular buildings. The literature is illustrated with completed projects from a diverse range of sectors and features comments from architects, contractors and building occupiers. 

All recycled and refurbished modular buildings supplied by Foremans meet the requirements of the revised Building Regulations Part L2A 2010 (England and Wales) and Section 6 2010 (Scotland). 

Each building is fully refurbished off site – only the structure of the building is recycled.  Accommodation is reconfigured to individual project requirements and fitted with new windows, wall linings, partitions, M&E services, doors and flooring to create accommodation of the highest standards for both permanent and interim applications.

Every Foremans building is also now externally clad as standard, using a composite system for an attractive and robust finish with enhanced acoustic and thermal performance.

The Foremans approach reduces lead times for high quality modular accommodation by up to 70 per cent compared to traditional construction.  It also significantly reduces disruption during the build programme, and because the buildings are constructed from recycled modules, it is highly cost effective.

The use of recycled modular buildings is an environmentally sound alternative to demolishing and disposing of buildings in landfill sites.  The refurbished steel-framed buildings generate less than 10 per cent of the carbon emissions and use less than 3 per cent of the energy during construction compared to a newly manufactured building of equivalent size.

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