Now available from Xpelair is a comprehensive range of fans specifically designed for light industrial applications to provide a healthier, safer working environment with cleaner air.

Providing effective ventilation and helping reduce exposure to airborne substances, Xpelair’s ranges of light industrial products and ventilation accessories and controls, can be combined to provide bespoke systems to suit any ventilation application. The fans accommodate a cross-section of environments ranging from commercial kitchens, bakeries, hotels, pubs and schools through to garages, factories and warehouses.

Adherence to Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations demands all employers minimise exposure to fumes from dust and biological agents, as well as controlling inhalation risk from adhesives, paints and soldering and welding fumes.

Ten Xpelair ranges featuring wall/ceiling mounted, ducted, free standing and roof fitted with extraction levels ranging from 0.38 metres cubed per second through to 3.61 metres cubed per second are available.

Xpelair has a model, a unit and an output suitable for virtually any application - whether it’s for high temperature requirements, or smaller premises with limited space requiring roof installation.

Once a system is in place COSHH regulations dictate that the unit be used and maintained and that access for routine, documented inspections are undertaken.

For help and advice on how Xpelair’s range of light industrial ventilation can help provide a more comfortable, healthier working environment contact Xpelair on 08709 000450, alternatively visit

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