Food manufacturer, Beaumarais, is situated about 30 kilometres from Lille in Northern France, the company produces French-Fries and Potato Flakes for markets in France, Europe and for export around the world.

Steam is raised via a boiler and is then circulated through a pipeline to a tank that heats water for factory washdown. Scale build-up in the water system resulted in the replacement of the pipework every five years.

In order to reduce maintenance costs, Chief Maintenance Manager, Benoit Blondel, arranged for a SCALEwatcher ENiGMA System to be installed on to the cold water feed to the tank after the pipework was replaced in December 1995.

During plant shutdown in December 1996, the water system was opened for inspection. It was noted that the tank and pipework were scale-free proving that the SCALEwatcher ENiGMA system was working effectively.

Beaumarais anticipates an early payback on the unit in replacement and maintenance costs alone.

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