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The offsite construction sector accounts for 7% of total construction output in the UK, worth over £1.5bn to the economy. Offsite technologies have the potential to address some of the most persistent challenges facing the industry, including the demand for new housing and the low carbon agenda.

Political pressures to construct affordable quality housing have prompted the first moves towards prefabrication. With the UK requiring 250,000 new homes to be built each year to meet demand – and just 141,000 constructed last year, offsite construction offers a clear solution.

Skills shortages coupled with an ageing workforce have driven private housebuilders to look at offsite solutions.

Advantages of Offsite Construction

Benefits of Offsite Construction

The ideal first step to experiencing the benefits of offsite

IG elements produce a range of offsite components designed to deliver real benefits to the house builder. Our new name reflects that builders can now source specific building elements from us including dormer units, chimney stacks, bay roof or door canopies and surrounds.

By taking the joinery and construction of these elements offsite and by using the latest GRP composite technology we are able to offer the builder a highly efficient alternative to traditional methods.

The main benefits widely accepted from offsite elements include;

  • Speed of construction
  • Build quality
  • Consistency of appearance
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency
  • Reduced working at heights

Managing Director, Liam Kelly commented:

As the housing market is driven towards offsite solutions for construction we have evolved to meet this demand. With our advanced manufacturing capabilities and improved services, we aim to help house builders experience the benefits of offsite”.

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