FMs set challenging 10% eco-target by government

Francis Maude MP has laid down the gauntlet to Facilities Managers to help government departments to cut carbon emissions by 10 per cent.

In an article in FM World (Government urges FMs to cut carbon costs, July 2010) the minister for the Cabinet Office urged FMs to help meet the prime minister’s pledge to cut emissions by 10 per cent by May 2011.

The question most FMs now have is, how?

The Office of Government Commerce has produced a guide for companies working with government departments called Energy Efficiency in Facilities Management Contracts

The guide states: `In FM contracts, one of the key energy related risks is that energy consumption is higher than necessary because heating, lighting or cooling systems are being operated inefficiently; for example operation outside of the hours of occupation of the properties, or by failing to replace inefficient plant’.

How you utilise power is important and will result in savings if this is not already part of the buildings energy savings plan, but equally important is getting the fuel that powers your heating, lighting and cooling right too.

Due to the design of the distribution network, buildings are supplied with higher voltage than is actually needed. powerPerfector is the world’s only Voltage Power Optimiser, giving energy, cost and carbon savings by efficiently optimising a site’s supply voltage (220V as opposed to the 242V UK average). By optimising the voltage, electrical equipment runs more efficiently and consumes less energy.

About 90 per cent of commercial buildings are suitable for Voltage Power Optimisation and, when fitted, it cuts an average 13 per cent off the electricity bill instantly - with a payback of between one and five years typically.

With over 16 large government departments now having successfully installed Voltage Power Optimisation, including over 50 HMCS sites under a rollout programme, that ten per cent target may not be so challenging after all.

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