Rotterdam plastic is transformed into a floating park

In July 2018, the first Recycled Park opened in Rotterdam harbour. The 140m2 floating park is constructed from plastic debris found floating in the river and port. The park has been built to demonstrate how plastic litter has become a structural issue for our waterways but if repurposed, can become a sustainable building material.

“The water is in many cities the lowest point, resulting in the unfortunate accumulation of litter in our rivers", Initiator Ramon Knoester of the Recycled Island Foundation (RIF) explains. " When we retrieve the plastics directly in our cities and ports we actively prevent the further growth of the plastic soup in our seas and oceans. Rotterdam can set an example for port cities everywhere in the world. The realization of the building blocks of recycled plastics is an important step towards a litter-free river."

The waste plastic has been compressed into hexagon-shaped building blocks to create a floating green space, which also serves as a habitat for micro and macrofauna such as plants, snails, flatworms, larva, beetles, and fish. Through the park runs a small canal, designed to be a habitat for wildlife as it matures.

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All image credits: © Recycled Park 

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