‘Flatter than Flat’
Homestyle Debut NEW Urban Flat Shower Trays

Homestyle is set to expand its already successful Urban Shower Tray Collection with the addition of a range of trays that are - in the words of sales director Sofia Charalambous – ‘ flatter than flat’

Designed to be fitted completely flush to the floor, the new Urban Flat shower trays have a profile of just 35mm high and are available in 11 shapes and sizes – ensuring that no matter the bathroom or showering space, there will be an Urban Flat solution.

Sofia says,

“Urban Flat trays are perfect for anyone working on a wetroom or partial wetroom scheme.  Thanks to their ultra low profile – just 35mm – they literally appear to melt away into the floor, creating a completely seamless, fluid appearance.”

Although resembling and feeling like traditional ceramic, Urban Flat trays are actually manufactured from top quality, 3.2mm thick, cast acrylic.  Less slippery, lighter than old-fashioned materials such as resin, strengthened with GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and offering a 10 year guarantee, these are trays that are made to last and have been the result of unprecedented demand from Homestyle’s customer base of retailers, designers and specifiers.

Sofia comments,

“Our original Urban Tray Collection was one of the first to make low level, quality shower trays available at affordable prices, so responding to customer demand for a wider range of trays was always on our agenda.  Four years after the first Urban Trays were launched, we are delighted to be offering a better range of trays than ever – all superb quality, on-trend and delivering exceptional value.”

As with any flat shower trays, efficient and fast drainage is essential – especially if they are to be used with a power or multi-outlet shower.  Unsurprisingly however, Homestyle’s Urban Flat trays are easily capable of managing such issues.  ‘James’ wastes that drain away up to 58 litres per minute and subtly sloping surfaces with a built-in gradient of 2% ensure nothing less than super-speedy drainage.

And when it comes to installation, Urban Flat trays also have the edge.  Unlike other flush fitting trays, there is no requirement for a supporting frame – making for faster, less labour-intensive fitting – and happy customers all round.

Urban Flat Trays

Urban Flat shower trays are available in square and rectangular variants
11 different sizes of tray are available – ranging from typical 900mm x 900mm square to ‘bath footprint’ 1800mm x 900mm rectangles
All trays are super flat and measure just 35mm high – making them ideal for walk-in style showering areas or wet rooms.
Urban Flat trays are manufactured from 3.2mm thick, top quality, GRP (glass reinforced plastic)
Trays feature easy clean, ‘James’ 90mm wide wastes which drain up to 58 litre per minute
All Urban Flat trays are guaranteed for 10 years from purchase

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