FLAGON TPO Single ply roofing membrane - non-toxic and recyclable

Flag-Soprema was at the forefront of synthetic liner research which prompted the development of TPO single ply roofing membranes. FLAGON TPO combines the best technical attributes of traditional PVC and EPDM while also being non-toxic and recyclable. TPO is adaptable to structural movements and because it contains no plasticisers which can migrate, is not susceptible to shrinkage

EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) modified polyolefin offers exceptional weldability, making it ideal for intricate detailing. From an installer’s perspective the product also retains its flexibility throughout its design life. This combination of benefits has prompted the specification of FLAGON TPO for many high profile projects including new build and refurbishment projects by IKEA throughout Europe. House builders too have found that TPO provides the ideal solution for apartment roofs. For further information on .Flag-Soprema single ply membranes call 0845 194 8727

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