Flag-Soprema Silver Art single ply for landmark North Liverpool Academy

Atkins' architects £29.7m North Liverpool Academy has seen Flag-Soprema Silver Art® PVC and Flagon TPO single ply membranes used to waterproof the roof. Silver Art was used on the predominantly curved roof to provide the aesthetic benefits of traditional metal roofing at greatly reduced cost. Aluminium particles are incorporated in the manufacturing process to give the membrane long-term colour stability while avoiding problems such as cold bridging, corrosion or water ingress at penetrations and details.

Flagon TPO AP/PR-F PVC membrane was fully adhered to the flat roof areas. With its BRE Green Guide A+ Rating, it retains exceptional flexibility and resistance to puncturing while remaining highly adaptable to structural movements. Being completely inert, Flagon TPO is non-toxic and has a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.

The simple, 'rectangular box' is split by a striking curved form at the centre, creating a spectacular external profile. The building combines the latest technologies with sustainable design to create a relaxed learning environment where the students can make the most of their learning experience. It houses 12 science laboratories, engineering workshops, a theatre, recording studios and teaching rooms equipped with the very latest in IT. The sixth-form common room and learning resource centre, dubbed the Learning Deck, sits within the highest point and enjoys panoramic views of the Liverpool skyline, the River Mersey and the distant Welsh mountains.

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