Firebird Launch Multifuel Backboiler Inset Stove

Combining the attraction of a living focal point fire and a built-in back boiler unit to provide hot water for domestic heating, the new Firebird multi-fuel inset stove is engineered to Firebird’s exacting quality standards.

It boasts a high system efficiency of up to 81% and is available in two models offering heat outputs of 12kW or 16kW.  The 12kW model delivers 3.6kW of space heating and 8.3 kW water heating – the 16kW model provides the same 3.6kW of room heating but has an increased water heating output of 12.1kW.As usual with Firebird, attention has been paid to ease of installation and the quality of the product is backed by a 5-year warranty and HETAS approval.
The multi-fuel fire is clean in operation and features air wash glass design.  Finished in matt black, and designed to fit into a standard fireplace, the fire provides an attractive, homely feel which complements any room or décor and is also suitable for use in airtight dwellings.Firebird’s new back boiler inset fire is the efficient and attractive heating solution for houses which wish to replace existing standard back boiler units or for those wishing to introduce a lifestyle feature in their living rooms. They also comply with energy regulations for ‘greener’ installations, making them well suited for stylish new build homes.

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