Firebird Introduce New Solar Collector Range

Firebird – one of the UK’s leading oil boiler manufacturers – has offered solar systems to complement its oil boilers for a number of years. It is now extending the solar thermal range with the addition of its new TZ58-1800 Heatpipe Solar Collectors.

The design of the TZ heatpipe solar collector enables solar energy to be captured even at low temperatures and prevents energy loss back to the atmosphere. The collectors feature aluminium manifold frames and nickel plated condensing heads for reliable longlife and offer a 94% absorption coefficient.

The Firebird TZ range is especially cost effective, offering excellent performance and build quality, competitively priced to suit tight budgets. Unlike other solar systems in the firebird range the TZ58-1800 function as a ‘Dry Pipe’ system. This means that the solar fluid only flows directly across the manifold, the heat transfer process occurring through a condenser head located on the top of the tube, inside the manifold. The copper tube is located within a perfectly formed, absorbent coated glass vacuum tube which contains an alcohol type fluid which can evaporate at temperatures as low as 25ºC. Solar energy is absorbed by the absorber surface of the glass tube and then transfers to the heat pipe, causing the alcohol type fluid to heat up and turn to steam. As the fluid evaporates it rises to the top of the heatpipe, known as the condenser section. Here it condenses back to fluid state and releases latent heat which is transferred to the heat exchange fluid passing through the upper manifold. The condense liquid flows back to the bottom of the heat pipe to repeat the process.

With the heatpipe system, tubes are individually fixed making for easier, more convenient handling and reducing the likelihood of damage in transit and on site.

The new Firebird TZ Heatpipe Solar Collector Range joins the existing Envirosol flat panel and vacuum tube solar systems and comes with weather proof roof mounting frame kits for pitched of flat roofs.

All firebird solar systems come are supplied with the highest quality pump station allowing the convenience of a quick and safe installation and ease of filling. The controller is user friendly with additional features such as three set up arrangement options, holiday function, freeze protection, back up heat feature with integrated time clock. In addition the controller also has a pump speed efficiency built into the unit. The further reduces the consumption of electricity by means of operating at a minimum speed of 30%. While reducing electrical consumption another advantage of this pump speed efficiency is it also slows down the flow of the liquid thus increasing transfer of the heat within the tank.

The Excelsior twin coil water heater is available in capacities from 200-300 litres to store hot water generated from the solar system and is made from corrosion resistant 1mm thick 316L stainless steel to eliminate any requirement for sacrificial anodes and to ensure longlife.

As Building Regulation Part G and The Code for Sustainable Homes continue to impact on energy efficiency requirements for the domestic home, solar systems will continue to play an important role in the provision of domestic hot water. To complete and compliment your solar system, and meet your winter hot water and heating demands, Firebird offer a full range of oil condensing and biomass boilers ideally suited to complement their solar systems.

In addition Firebird are also awaiting MCS certification for the full Firebird solar thermal range.

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