Fire retardant secondary glazing from Selectaglaze

Selectaglaze, the country’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of secondary glazing systems has developed a product that has successfully passed a 30 minute integrity fire test to BSEN 1364-1: 1997 and BSEN 1363-1: 1999

Working in conjunction with Pilkington, Royal Warrant holder Selectaglaze has responded to a need for a secondary glazing system to provide fire protection in vulnerable areas such as windows adjacent to fire escapes. The use of aluminium systems allows design continuity with other windows undergoing treatment.

Selectaglaze’s Fire Retardant Series 40 Fixed Light unit incorporates Pilkington’s new PyrodurTM glass in conjunction with fire grade mastics and intumescent seals that expand and swell when hot to form a barrier against hot gasses. The design ensured that the unit successfully passed the rigorous fire test using the largest available piece of PyrodurTM glass at temperatures which would normally melt the aluminium.

Selectaglaze is also at the forefront with its technical literature. The company’s recently updated Product Guide is available – free upon request - and their new website ( has just been launched.

Selectaglaze may be contacted on 01727 837271/fax: 01727 844053/email:, or via the website.

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