Finest Group has attained PAS 24 accreditation for double doors after testing at Chiltern Dynamics.

Finest Group has attained PAS 24 accreditation for double doors after testing at Chiltern Dynamics.

The Southsea-based fabricator submitted inward and outward-opening door sets, made with WHS System 10 Rustique profile and using a hardware solution provided by Roto. Both met the demands of the PAS 24 schedule.

Unusually, there are no shootbolts. Instead, Roto NT corner drives with mushroom cams are fitted to the top and bottom of each leaf.

The mechanical test comprises 31 loadings at 4.5 kN, each accompanied by a 1.5 kN in-plane load. No fewer than 19 of these loadings are applied to the mullion. Soft and hard body impact testing is also conducted.

The Roto NT corner drives have been selected for two reasons. Firstly, they have a proven track record of repeated resistance to high forces; more so than many shootbolts. Secondly, the mushroom-headed cams are fully adjustable.

This adjustability allows optimum compression, important for consistent, smooth handle operation and weather sealing. The latter is reflected in the excellent PAS 23 results, which have seen the doors resisting the highest test pressure classes for air and water permeability.

“We are very impressed with the performance of the Roto corner drives and also use them on our single doors, which are PAS 24 accredited too”, says Stuart Scopes Upton, technical manager at Finest Group. “We are thrilled to have attained these latest PAS 24 certificates, which add to the BS 7950 we already have for our windows using Roto TSL”.

Roto security handles, fitted with a bump-resistant profile cylinder, withstood the manual attack element.  The doors are hung on Roto DoorLine hinges, which do not require support from additional security devices.

Roto door specialist Shaun Adams says, “We’re really pleased to help Finest achieve this. A successful test with a double-leaf arrangement is comparatively rare, but we have a solution for any fabricator wishing to accomplish it”.

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