Fantech breezes into Tesco Portlaoise, Ireland

Fantech Ventilation has just supplied its largest-ever order for car park ventilation equipment for a turnkey project at a new Tesco superstore in Portlaoise, Ireland.  The Dublin-based company works closely with local engineers and contractors supplying a wide range of fans, grilles, diffusers, air handling and heat recovery products manufactured by Elta Fans.

The original order came from client Automatic Smoke Ventilation Systems who are currently undertaking the ongoing car park installation at Portlaoise Shopping Centre, County Laois in Ireland.  The order comprised fifty eight JetVent Axial Fans, eighteen unidirectional car park fans and eight Long-cased Axial SmokeVent Fans (25 m3/s).  It was subsequently revised to include an additional four Long-cased Axial SmokeVent Fans (30 m3/s) and eventually involved the supply of products worth over €210,000.  The fans were all supplied with full ancillary packs to ensure ease of installation and operation.

Enclosed and underground car parks need ventilation systems to control the level of pollutants from exhaust fumes.  In the event of a fire, smoke inhalation statistically represents a bigger threat to people caught up in the situation than the heat and flames.  The JetVent range was specifically developed to safeguard car park users, by providing a simple, reliable means of removing pollutants in smoke-spill situations and for rapid, emergency clearance of hazardous fire, smoke or fumes.  The high-quality, low-profile, centrifugal fans are generally used in “impulse ventilation” systems, where they provide a high-velocity airflow to overcome problems caused by the structural beams and low ceilings which typically characterise car parks.

“Impulse ventilation” is based on a number of small, strategically located fans in place of the distribution ductwork traditionally used in car parks, each producing a high velocity jet which imparts thrust to the surrounding air.  The impulse fans are positioned to direct the airflow towards the main extract fans, which are typically smaller and consume less energy, thanks to the elimination of the ducting and the resulting reduction in system resistance. The volume of entrained air is significantly greater than that passing through the fans.  As there is no ducting to become blocked, damaged or subject to leakage, maintenance costs are usually reduced.  The elimination of ductwork also allows for better use of limited space and can mean a safer, lighter environment thanks to increased visibility and thus, better security.

JetVent axial fans are of a robust, durable, heavy-duty construction.  Casings are heavy-gauge, sheet steel, roll formed, welded and hot-dipped galvanized to BS 729.  Integral mounting feet with four fixing points for ceiling-fixing help to reduce installation time.

The SmokeVent LCS range was specifically developed by Elta Fans for general ventilation plus emergency smoke extraction at 200ºC or 300ºC for 2 hours up to 2000mm in diameter, and 400ºC for 2 hours up to 1250mm in diameter.  Adjustable-pitch, aerofoil impellers made from high quality pressure-cast aluminium make the range an economical way of moving large volumes of air at low to medium pressures.  The impellers are set at an angle to provide maximum performance and their blades are pinned into position, for operational security. The units are constructed from a single sheet of steel, with both motors and axial impellers mounted within the length of the long lasting and robust casing.  All casing parts are heavy-gauge, mild steel sheet, roll-formed and welded, then hot dipped galvanised.

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