Fakro roof window offers lowest U-value yet

Fakro’s range of FTT pivot roof windows offer exceptional heat transmission coefficients, having been designed to meet the requirements of energy-efficient buildings such as those built to Passivhaus standards.

Glazing units are set in specially designed wider sash frames which minimize the potential for thermal bridging.

With a 50mm thick glazing unit, the FTT U8 Thermo® quadruple-glazed roof window has a U-value of 0.68 W/m2K while that of the triple-glazed FTT U6 is 0.81W/m2k.

Though of pivot design, the axis of rotation of the FTT sash has been raised to enable even a tall person to stand comfortably by an open window. A modified locking mechanism secures the sash either side of the frame while the patented topSafe® system provides an exceptional standard of security and safety - Class 4 EN13049.

FTT windows benefit from a quadruple-sealing system using flexible thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). When closed, both the FTT U6 and U8 provide a 38 dB acoustic performance.

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