Fairfield general hospital locks down on access control

The offices, ward entrances and restricted staff areas at Fairfield General Hospital in Bury, Lancashire have been given an upgrade by replacing the old mechanical locks with new electronic CL2255 locks from Codelocks.

Seventy of the electronic codelocks were installed after being recommended by specialist supplier of access control products, Walker Security Resources Ltd who had used the CL2255 locks on a previous refurbishment project at Rochdale Infirmary.

Peter Walker, Director at Walker Security Resources Ltd commented, “ The CL2255 from Codelocks is the best electronic lock compared to competitors’ products. As a supplier of exclusively access control systems we have been impressed with Codelocks’ extensive range of high quality products.”

Facilities Managers at the hospital have been impressed with the locks which are designed as a retrofit to the basic common digital mechanical locks with the same fixing points, making replacing and upgrading quick and easy.

Whilst the mechanical locks previously used would need to be removed from the door to change the access code, the CL2255 with rapid on door programming brings significant advantages to commercial applications such as schools, hospitals and local authorities. It provides easily managed control of coded access for multiple doors, saving time when maintaining and changing codes.

The lock features two release terminals as standard, the first of which can be used to open the lock from a reception desk and the second can be linked to an alarm system which will release the door for 30 minutes when activated by a momentary contact, allowing emergency personnel to check rooms in the case of an emergency.

Programme commands for the lock include the ability to set a new user code, suspend, delete and restore all user codes, change the master code, set a code-free mode and set one-time user codes. The CL2255 allows up to 80 user codes of 4,5 or 6 digits long and allows up to 10 one-time user codes to be entered. The key override function comes as standard.

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