‘Fabrication - What the Future Holds’

The recession, are we coming out of it or are we going for a ‘double-dip’?

All the talk at the moment in commercial fenestration circles is about business opportunities in 2011 or the lack of them. With expected, deep cuts in public spending, the likes never seen since the 1930’s, the industry is certainly looking at a potential further slow down in construction. Double-dip? Well, fenestration sales were beginning to increase early in 2010, since the middle of 2010 this seems to have faltered and potential could now go into reverse.

Whilst the industry has to be careful taking into consideration normal seasonal adjustments 2010 has been a difficult year. 2011 does not look much better, as the latest forecast from the Construction Products Association suggest a 0.8% reduction in construction.

Whilst this will impact on the whole industry, there are also winners and losers. One area of business set to grow is that of the trade fabrication of commercial systems - leading this sector is Crown Aluminium established in 1987 and based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

With the increase in use of lightweight cladding systems, and the prominence of ‘envelope’ or ‘facade’ contractors who take on most or all of the external envelope, costs can be reduced with similar reductions in interface problems between sub-contractors products. Crown Aluminium continues to grow, despite the current recession, by being a specialist in fabrication in all major systems available in the UK. Crown currently partner many of the top envelope contractors in the UK.

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