F. Ball updates Stopgap Isolator Membrane design

The UK’s leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and subfloor preparation products, F. Ball and Co. Ltd., has updated its Stopgap Isolator Membrane, an impervious loose lay sheet designed for use with damp or contaminated subfloors. Stopgap Isolator Membrane is now made up of three layers, and overall, is easier to install thanks to increased flexible properties.

Stopgap Isolator Membrane now comprises of a new, white top layer that incorporates fibreglass for dimensional stability. This covers a blue, impervious middle layer, made of PVC to prevent moisture rising to the floorcovering. A third, bottom layer, of the membrane is made up of nodules, encouraging any moisture in the subfloor to move and escape at the edges of the installation.

This updated design has increased flexibility, which helps contractors to install the product more easily, particularly in cooler temperatures. In addition, the membrane’s new white appearance makes it easier to mark out.

Commenting on the updated Stopgap Isolator Membrane, F. Ball’s Marketing Manager, Richard Harris, said: “F. Ball is committed to providing quality products that utilise the latest design technology. The features of improved flexibility, and a white top surface, makes Stopgap Isolator Membrane the ideal option when traditional subfloor preparation is not suitable.”

Stopgap Isolator Membrane can be laid over damp or contaminated subfloors prior to the installation of a wide range of sheet vinyl, linoleum, rubber floorcoverings and bitumen backed carpet tiles, which must be installed using specialist adhesives. Styccobond F47 is a pressure sensitive adhesive specially formulated to adhere vinyl sheet floorcoverings to Stopgap Isolator Membrane. To aid coverage uniformity over the white surface it has now been pigmented pale blue.

Stopgap Isolator Membrane is also suitable for fast-track projects where time for traditional subfloor preparation is not available, or for temporary coverings where floors need to be returned to their original state. In heritage projects, where the removal of the existing floor is not possible or a subfloor needs to be preserved, Stopgap Isolator Membrane provides the ideal solution.

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