F. Ball’s new Superflex takes flooring market by storm

F. Ball’s latest fibre-reinforced smoothing underlayment, Stopgap 700 Superflex, has received acclaimed reviews from flooring contractors. Alongside Superflex’s primary function to provide improved flexibility and superior crack resistance, end-users cite ‘ease of use’, ‘self-smoothing’ and ‘fast setting’ as additional benefits.

Such is the appeal and innovation of F. Ball’s new product that Superflex was selected to form part of the subfloor preparation demonstrations delivered by the Flooring Industry Training Association (FITA) at the Harrogate Flooring Show.

Steve Ramsden, Chief Training Consultant of FITA, selected the product for the demonstration. He comments: “Before Superflex, our training courses used F. Ball’s former fibre-reinforced smoothing underlayment, Stopgap 700 Flex. I chose the new Superflex for the Harrogate Flooring Show as I was confident that it would perform and look good. Like its predecessor, it flows really well and gives a nice, smooth finish. I’ve also found that it dries a quicker than the former product, giving a better walk-on time.”

Stopgap 700 Superflex has been formulated utilising the latest advances in cement technology. The new cement incorporates binder technology, which has been designed specifically for the development of flooring compounds. Superflex also contains a high polymer to cement ratio, which imparts a high degree of flexibility and delivers superior crack resistance, when compared to many mainstream underlayments.

As well as being the first smoothing underlayment on the market to use this latest cement formulation, Superflex retains the other high performance characteristics of the Stopgap range, including excellent self-levelling properties; it is also protein-free and low odour. Another key benefit of the product is that it incorporates fast setting technology - offering a 60-minute walk on time, whilst also retaining a 30-minute working time. This enables contractors to minimise installation times for fast track projects, and in many cases, enable the floorcovering to be installed on the same day.

Rob Atton, Managing Director of Newcastle Flooring in Staffordshire, comments: “I was absolutely amazed by its performance. It was easy to use and the flow of the product was superb. In my 25 years in the job, I’ve never known an underlayment dry as fast.”

Stopgap 700 Superflex is designed for use on plywood, steel and raised access subfloors prior to the installation of new floorcoverings. The smoothing underlayment can also be used to encapsulate underfloor heating systems over plywood.

Steve Ramsden adds: “Some contractors, especially if they’re fairly new to the job, don’t realise that there are products that have been specially formulated for use over plywood, so when we demonstrate products like Superflex it can be a real eye-opener for them. Another great thing about Superflex is that it’s quite forgiving – it’s easy to apply and self-smoothing, which means that even the less experienced delegates are able to get a good finish.”

Complying with standards of the International Marine Organisation, Superflex has been approved for use in marine floor installations by Det Norske Veritas. It is also EMICODE EC1 compliant and CE marked, indicating its quality, safety and conformity with European requirements.

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