F. Ball Revives School Hall

F.Ball and Co. Ltd.’s high performance subfloor preparation products and flooring adhesives have been used in the complete over-haul of a 260m2 school hall floor at Winns Primary School in Walthamstow, London.

A combination of Stopgap 600 deep section base compound and Stopgap 300 HD heavy-duty smoothing underlayment was used, firstly to build up the subfloor to the required thickness of 90mm and then create a smooth, durable surface on which the final floorcovering could be laid. Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier was then used to secure the carpet tiles in position.

The floor refurbishment was required because the original subfloor was cracked and subject to considerable movement meaning that it could no longer support the weight and foot traffic that the multi-purpose hall receives. As such, the whole subfloor had to be removed and replaced before further work could be completed.

Stopgap 600 is ideal for heavy-duty areas, such as school hall flooring, and the quick setting, low odour and protein free solution makes it suitable for use within a school setting. Prior to the application of the Stopgap 600, which was applied in two coats to achieve the required thickness, two coats of Stopgap F75, solvent-free epoxy waterproof surface membrane, were applied directly onto the subfloor. Stopgap F75 isolates residual construction moisture or rising damp, preventing the possibility of moisture damage to the final floorcovering.

Flooring contractors, Weaver Flooring were under strict time pressures to complete the work due to the hall being scheduled for decorating and utilised Stopgap Accelerator to reduce the curing time of the membrane to approximately 3 hours. This allowed for the two coats to be applied on the same day. Stopgap P131, a general purpose neoprene primer, was applied over the waterproof surface membrane to promote adhesion of smoothing underlayments to the subfloor.

To create an ultra-smooth surface on which to lay the carpet tiles, 3mm of fast-drying, heavy-duty, Stopgap 300 HD smoothing underlayment was installed over the Stopgap 600 base layer. The self-levelling water mix allowed for the construction of a smooth and hard wearing surface which is able to withstand high levels of foot traffic.

Finally, solvent-free tackifier adhesive, Styccobond F41, was used to secure the carpet tiles to the subfloor. Designed to provide a permanently tacky film which prevents loose-lay carpet tiles from moving under high levels of use, Styccobond F41 has a quick drying time of approximately 30 minutes and allows for easy lift should the tiles need to be replaced.

Daniel Weaver, main contractor at Weaver Flooring, comments: “F. Ball surveyed the site and recommended a range of their products to re-strengthen the subfloor. I have used F. Ball’s products all my life so I knew that their products would be the best for the job, allowing us to get the work done quickly and to a safe and high standard.”

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