F. Ball Restores Floor at Emmanuel Baptist Church

Following the deterioration of the original wood floor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Eastleigh, Hampshire, F. Ball’s flooring adhesive and subfloor preparation products have been used to restore the floor and create a safe, smooth and durable surface for the church’s visitors and weekly pre-school. A range of F. Ball’s smoothing underlayments, waterproof surface membrane and market leading adhesives were used to create a smooth, dry subfloor onto which the decorative vinyl floorcovering was adhered.

First built in 1913, the original wooden floor in the church hall had deteriorated after years of wear and tear and the effects of subfloor moisture. Following the complete removal of the wooden floor, flooring contractors, G. E. Nichols Flooring, were left with a damaged and rough concrete surface which needed to be built up and levelled in order to create a safe, even and hard-wearing surface for the pre-school children to play on.

As with most buildings constructed before 1965, no damp proof membrane was originally installed to prevent rising damp. Following a moisture test, which confirmed there was an unacceptable level of damp in the floor of the church hall, the contractor installed 5mm of F. Ball’s Stopgap Green Bag 114 smoothing underlayment to create a smooth surface before applying two coats of Stopgap F75, a high performance waterproof surface membrane. F75 suppresses the passage of moisture and prevents it rising through the subfloor and causing adhesive failure.

Under strict time constraints to finish the floor before the new school term began, the waterproof surface membrane was mixed with an accelerator to enhance the drying time to around three hours. This allowed the contractor to install both coats of F75 on the same day.

To build the damaged subfloor back up to its original height, and the same level as the adjoining toilets, 20 – 25mm of F. Ball’s Stopgap 600 Base compound was installed throughout the hall. Designed for use where floor levels need to be raised quickly and economically, Stopgap 600 was pump-applied to speed up the installation. Prior to this, F. Ball’s Stopgap P131 primer was applied to promote adhesion of the deep base compound to the subfloor.

To ensure the floor was sufficiently smooth, 4mm of Stopgap 300 HD, heavy-duty smoothing underlayment was applied over the Stopgap 600. A fast drying, low odour and protein free smoothing underlayment, Stopgap 300 has excellent self-levelling properties and was used to eliminate any remaining imperfections in the subfloor and provide an excellent surface finish.

Finally, Styccobond F44 acrylic adhesive was applied to adhere the vinyl floorcovering to the prepared subfloor. Designed to achieve a high-bond strength, F44 is protected against bio-degradation and is solvent free, making it ideal for use on the church floor.

Geoff Nichols, owner of G. E Nichols Flooring, explains: “I use F. Ball’s products on a regular basis and I often speak to F. Ball’s representatives for technical information and to find the right products for the job. I’m always impressed with the results and I knew that by using a range of F. Ball’s products I’d get the job done in the best time, with the best results.”
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