F. Ball repairs subfloor at Jordans & Ryvita

A range of high performance subfloor preparation products from F. Ball and Co. Ltd. have been used in the extensive refurbishment of a Jordans and Ryvita food production facility in Poole, Dorset. Flooring contractor, Euro Resin Solutions Ltd, applied F. Ball’s Stopgap F76 waterproof surface membrane to provide a barrier against subfloor moisture, while Stopgap 600 BASE and Stopgap 300 HD smoothing underlayment were used to create a smooth and durable foundation for the new floorcovering.

Jordans, the famous breakfast cereal and cereal bar business, was merged with the Ryvita crispbread and healthy snacks business in 2009. Increasing production capacity at the original Ryvita factory site in Poole, the company has invested in the complete overhaul of a 4,200m2 warehouse, replacing the building frame with a taller structure, which has been built around the existing concrete subfloor.

As the original warehouse had been in service since the 1950s, the subfloor had been subjected to a significant amount of wear and tear. The concrete was heavily contaminated with dirt and old paint finishes and there was erosion in areas where old fixtures and equipment had been based in the past. Consequently, an intensive preparation process was required to clean, treat and repair the subfloor before the final floorcovering could be installed.

Following mechanical removal of surface contaminants, F. Ball’s Stopgap F76, a one-coat epoxy resin waterproof surface membrane was applied to suppress excess moisture. Stopgap 600 BASE deep section compound was then used to repair the damaged subfloor by filling in areas where the concrete had eroded by up to 6 – 10mm in depth. Finally, Stopgap 300 HD smoothing underlayment was pump-applied across the subfloor at a thickness of 6mm to create a smooth, even and durable base for the final floor finish.

In common with all F. Ball smoothing underlayments, Stopgap 300 HD is protein free to prevent bacterial growth. This property makes F. Ball products the ideal choice for applications in food production and preparation sites, where hygiene is a key priority. Moreover, Stopgap 300 HD provides high compressive and flexural strength, which will ensure that the new floor is able to withstand impact and stresses imparted by frequent floor traffic, including wheeled trolleys and forklift trucks.

Commenting on the decision to specify a complete F. Ball subfloor preparation system, Wayne Rockett, Technical Director at Euro Resin Solutions Ltd., comments: “This was a huge floor area which presented a number of challenges, each of which needed to be overcome before we could apply the final floorcovering. Having specified F. Ball products for a number of previous projects, we were confident they would deliver for Jordans and Ryvita. We also benefited from the support of F. Ball’s regional representatives who provided a technical examination of the site and advised us on the appropriate combination of F. Ball products to use. This helped us to ensure that a high quality and hard-wearing finish was achieved.”

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