F. Ball Lifts Barriers to Successful Flooring

Market leading manufacturer of subfloor preparation products and flooring adhesives, F. Ball and Co. Ltd., has launched an essential flooring reference tool, Barriers Work. Developed specifically for architects and specifiers, the new guide is designed to help overcome flooring installation problems at the point of specification, saving clients valuable time and money. Presented in an A4 glossy folder, Barriers Work is part of F. Ball’s new range of specifier support services.

Barriers Work outlines common flooring installation challenges, such as isolating damp and contaminated subfloors, protecting floors in heritage sites, and accommodating flexibility in wooden floors, and provides solutions that can be built into the specification.

Designed to be visually appealing and with ease of use in mind, Barriers Work includes samples of key products recommended in the literature. Moreover, product selector charts for F. Ball’s Stopgap smoothing underlayment and Styccobond flooring adhesive ranges provide a simple guide to selecting the most appropriate subfloor preparation system for a particular project.

Neil Sanders, Technical Manager at F. Ball and Co. Ltd., comments: “Overcoming potential problems at the point of specification can save valuable time and money further into the project. Different challenges require different solutions, so knowing how to specify the most appropriate system is essential in achieving the best results and prolonging the life of the installation.”

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