F. Ball launches its first exterior smoothing product - Stopgap 850

The UK¹s leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and subfloor preparation products, F. Ball and Co. Ltd., has launched Stopgap 850 Exterior, a frost-resistant, smoothing compound for outdoor areas. It is the first exterior floor smoothing product F. Ball has launched, and is a result of the company¹s ongoing product development programme.

Non-structural, exterior grade Stopgap 850 is formulated to smooth rough or mechanically damaged external concrete or sand/cement screeds such as walkways, balconies and patios. It is ideal for preparing exterior concrete surfaces prior to the application of a non-slip coating or external covering such as artificial grass. Stopgap 850 can be laid to falls, for example on gentle slopes such as walkways.

Unaffected by rain, frost or excessively high temperatures, Stopgap 850 is a hard-wearing product that can be left as a stand-alone exterior wearing surface and can be given a textured finish to further reduce the potential for slip.  It is suitable for use in areas subject to vehicular traffic such as garages and driveways. In addition, Stopgap 850 can be used as a smoothing underlayment for internal damp subfloors due to receive a Stopgap waterproof surface membrane or Stopgap Isolator Membrane.

Stopgap 850 Exterior is a self­smoothing product with a walk-on hardness time of 2 hours at 20°C. The protein free, water mix compound is supplied in 25kg bags and will cover 2.9m2 at a thickness of 5mm. The product can also be pump applied over larger areas - up to 900m2 per day - depending on manpower, thickness of application and equipment used.

Commenting on the launch of Stopgap 850 Exterior, F. Ball's Marketing Manager, Richard Harris, said: "F. Ball is continuously working to enhance its product range, demonstrated by launching our first exterior product. The self-smoothing properties and frost-resistant formulation of Stopgap 850 makes it an ideal external smoothing compound or a stand-alone wearing surface."

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