F. Ball Fast-Track Solutions – For When Time Matters

F. Ball and Co. Ltd., the UK’s leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and subfloor preparation products, has unveiled a fast-track system for vinyl floorcoverings, comprised of rapid drying waterproof surface membrane Stopgap F78, rapid set and rapid dry smoothing underlayment Stopgap Fast-Track 30 and new fast-track vinyl floorcovering adhesive Styccobond F5. These products, combined, will allow flooring contractors to complete a vinyl floorcovering installation in as little as three hours.

Stopgap F78: the water-based, rapid drying waterproof surface membrane
Two-coat Stopgap F78 impedes the passage of residual construction moisture up to relative humidity levels of 95% in almost any flooring installation, and is ideal for use in new-build properties. Once applied, the first coat takes approximately 15-20 minutes to cure, and then a further 30 minutes for the second coat to cure, resulting in an impenetrable barrier against residual construction moisture, achieved in less than two hours.

Stopgap Fast-Track 30: the rapid set, rapid dry smoothing underlayment
Stopgap Fast-Track 30 has excellent self-levelling properties, is suitable for use in light to heavy-duty applications and is designed for application between depths of 2mm and 10mm. With a working time of 10-15 minutes and a walk on hardness time of 30 minutes, Stopgap Fast-Track 30 is ready to receive floorcoverings from just 45 minutes.

Styccobond F5: the fast-track vinyl floorcovering adhesive
Solvent free Styccobond F5 has been specifically designed to allow for maximum flexibility when installing a wide range of sheet and tile vinyl floorcoverings in fast-track applications. The fibre-reinforced formulation of Styccobond F5 has excellent initial grab and fast drying properties that allow for early placement of floorcoverings. Vinyl tiles can be placed immediately, although it is advisable to allow the adhesive to dry for just five minutes, which will significantly reduce the risk of tiles sliding. The highly versatile adhesive also offers an extended open time of up to 90 minutes. Once a floorcovering has been installed with Styccobond F5, the area can receive foot traffic immediately, minimising the downtime of the area, which is ideal for fast-track projects.

Richard Harris, Marketing Manager at F. Ball and Co. Ltd, said of the new system: “The most common problem faced by modern flooring contractors is that they’re being asked to complete installations to increasingly tight deadlines every year. To solve this problem, F. Ball has developed the Fast-Track Solutions range, which gives UK flooring contractors access to the fastest high-quality flooring installation system available. With this combination of products, flooring contractors can do in three hours what would have taken a week only ten years ago. This is the fastest product range available, from the number one flooring adhesive and smoothing underlayment manufacturer in the UK, and contractors are going to see serious time saving benefits from our Fast-Track Solutions.”

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