F. Ball become part of history at London museum

One of F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s newest products, Stopgap Isolator Membrane, has been used in one of London’s oldest museums. It has been specified as part of the refurbishment of the Natural History Museum’s Spencer Gallery to ensure that existing solid oak flooring could be retained underneath a new vinyl floorcovering.

Flooring contractor Shedon Interiors was called into carry out the work in the 280m² gallery and immediately realised that the Isolator membrane was the ideal solution. Although it was the contractor’s first time use of the membrane, the company’s long experience of using F. Ball products left them in no doubt that this innovative product would live up to expectations. Isolator is a loose lay system which acts as a barrier over damp, contaminated or existing floor surfaces which need to be protected.

Laying Isolator in 2m wide lengths throughout the long gallery, Shedon found the impervious laminated sheet quick and easy to place and to subsequently apply an Isolator adhesive onto. F. Ball’s pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive for Isolator was the product of choice for securing Armstrong vinyl flooring which is to stay in place until the full scale refurbishment of the museum in four year’s time. The vinyl and Isolator will then simply be lifted up, allowing the original flooring to be restored.

Further information: David Dudley, Marketing Services Manager F. Ball and Co. Ltd., Churnetside Business Park, Station Road, Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 7RS Tel: 01538 361633 Fax: 01538 361622 Email: marketing@f-ball.co.uk Internet: www.f-ball.co.uk

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