Extension Bliss With ONEZONE®

Some people love their houses too much to move, even if they need a bit more room. The answer of course is an extension, and using underfloor heating is ideal as it takes away the need for radiators and increases the available space. Nu-Heat offers a home extension/single room kit specifically to integrate with any existing boiler and radiator system.

The renovation of one Victorian villa included an extension to the kitchen/dining area, the only part of the house of a contemporary design. The extension has a glass roof which uses reflective glass to ensure the extension never gets too hot. Extensions like this can become cold in the winter months, so in this instance the architect suggested installing warm water underfloor heating to maintain warmth and comfort year round. The homeowner was delighted with the end result, commenting that the family was sold on the discreetness of underfloor heating, and that the children loved the feeling of warm floors.

Whilst adding the underfloor heating on to an existing radiator system is a quick and easy solution for conservatories and extensions, it offers less controllability to the homeowner as the zone can only be heated when the rest of the central heating system is switched on. Ideally it needs to operate as a separate zone with direct boiler control otherwise the rest of the house will warm up quickly whilst the underfloor heating is still coming up to temperature.

Nu-Heat’s single room package, ONEZONE, has a control unit that carefully blends water from an existing boiler to the correct temperature for entry into the floor. A straightforward wall-mounted thermostat ensures that the homeowner always has complete comfort control as they can set the room temperature. Nu-Heat makes installation simple as the pack arrives pre-built, complete with everything needed to get on with the installation, including: system controls, flexible Fastflo heating tube, floor clips and a fully illustrated step-by-step installation manual.

Single room and extension packages are a great way for installers to become familiar with underfloor heating technology and Nu-Heat has captured the complete installation sequence in its ‘how to’ DVD, which can be viewed and ordered online.

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