Exciting New Kitchen Lighting Product


Adding once again to its cutting edge 8CH Series®, Hampshire Light has launched the superb 8CH Series® Milan LED profile.  This ultra-slim and beautifully designed surface mounted LED profile is as bright as fluorescent or halogen, and is designed to be installed under upper wall cabinets to provide strong task lighting across the worktop.  (Achieving 700 lux at worktop level.)  The profile is incredibly small at 30mm deep by 13mm high, and comes in 7 lengths ranging from 300mm to 1800mm.  Every section incorporates a touch dimmer.  An opal lens provides an unbroken line of light with no LED ‘dots’, and is available in either warm or cool white LEDMilan is trendy, powerful, and consistent with the usual high standards of the successful 8CH Series.

Perfect for modern kitchens that have no pelmets under the upper wall units, as there is no glare, and the product is very stylish and designed to be visible.  And no more unsightly reflections in highly polished worktops!

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