Ex-Or continues to innovate with energy saving BattenFit sensors

Lighting control specialists Ex-Or have launched a range of simple to fit batten-mounted sensors which can deliver energy savings of up to 50 per cent.

The Ex-Or BattenFit offers advanced occupancy detection technology in a package which is quick and easy to fit to a battenstyle luminaire. This purpose-designed detector family offers a range of functionality to suit all applications in an aesthetically pleasing design.

Key applications that can benefit from BattenFit’s energy savings include storage cupboards, stock rooms and any space where there is the possibility of lights being inadvertently left on for extended periods when not required.

The Ex-Or BattenFit range of sensors employs advanced PIR detection technology to monitor occupancy of the area served by the lighting batten and delivers light only when it is needed. The simplest BattenFit device automatically switches the light on when someone enters an area, and switches the light off again when the area is vacated.

More sophisticated BattenFit variants provide the same reliable presence detection and additionally monitor levels of natural light to further eliminate unnecessary use of energy. At the top of the range, for example, DSI and DALI-compatible BattenFit detectors are capable of maintaining constant light levels by adjusting a luminaire’s output in concert with available natural light. There are also IP65 versions available.

David Compton, Ex-Or product marketing manager, said: “BattenFit is the ideal solution for those ‘forgotten’ energy stealers such as storage rooms, utility areas, plant rooms and warehousing space - in fact, anywhere where lights can be left on unnecessarily for long periods.

“BattenFit is a cost-effective solution that is quick and easy to fit.  BattenFit can swiftly pay for itself  and continue to deliver energy cost savings of up to 50 per cent.”

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