Evinox and Octagon continue to work together to provide renewable solutions to their latest luxury homes at Bickley

Evinox are continuing their long-standing relationship with Octagon and are now supplying many varied types of heating and cooling solutions for the changing needs of the Luxury Home Developer.

Octagon’s two latest homes to be completed in Bickley are using two types of renewable energy solutions. One home is using an air source heat pump and thermal store combined with condensing boiler top up energy. The other home is using solar powered energy and thermal stores combined with condensing boiler top up energy. As Octagon’s philosophy is to build individually designed homes, the heating and cooling requirements vary with each one and the diversity of solutions and products offered by Evinox ensure that Octagon only ever need one supplier. Solar Heating - For this luxury home Evinox have provided 12m² of Thermomax evacuated tubes together with the award winning Evinox thermal store to generate heating and hot water alongside a Geminox condensing boiler for top up energy. The low output Geminox THi range of boilers are ideally suited to top up renewable energy. The combination of the two energy sources and the thermal store allows Evinox to provide their renewable solutions in line with their philosophy of harnessing as much renewable energy as possible and using high efficiency gas fired condensing boiler technology to only provide the top up when required.

During commissioning of this project in mild weather conditions, the excellent performance of the solar tubes generated enough energy to provide the heating and the hot water for the home with the boiler isolated. For Octagon the requirement to have a continuous supply of luxury hot water is paramount in any heating and hot water design. This requirement is met by the hot water production coils of the thermal store, which ensure that hot water demand is met at all times and will never run out. Energy absorbed from the sun by the solar collectors is transferred to the hot water tank to indirectly heat the domestic hot water.

Air Source Heat Pump – On the second home at the Bickley project the solar contribution was replaced by the Evinox supplied Air Source Heat Pump. The Evinox thermal store is configured differently for heat pump applications with the internal baffle installed higher in the tank; this is to accommodate the lower operating temperature of the heat pump when compared with solar. This allows the heat pump to store its temperature over longer periods so that at times of heavy demand there is a large amount of energy to use which has been harnessed in the thermal store; in this way the boiler does not have to assist unless there is a constant huge demand for hot water. For the vast majority of the heating season the heat pump will provide enough energy to heat the hot water and heating but in times of heavy hot water demand or high heating loads, like the solar system, the additional energy is provided by the Geminox THi gas condensing boiler but only a small output 1-10kW model.

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