Evinox and Octagon continue to work together to provide renewable solutions to luxury home owners

Evinox are continuing their long-standing relationship with Octagon Developments and are now supplying many varied types of heating and cooling solutions for the changing needs of the Luxury Home Developer.

The solutions now vary from gas fired condensing technology only, or a combination of this with renewable solutions – for example air source heat pumps and thermal stores combined with condensing boiler top up energy; or solar powered energy and thermal stores combined with condensing boiler top up energy. As Octagons philosophy is to build individually designed homes, the heating and cooling requirements vary with each one and the diversity of solutions and products offered by Evinox ensure that Octagon only ever need one supplier.

The latest luxury home built by Octagon North London region is Oak House in Hadley Wood. Octagon North London has embraced solar technology to provide heating and hot water for their North London projects. For this luxury home Evinox have provided 9m² of Thermomax evacuated tubes, a 1250 litre thermal store to generate heating and hot water, alongside a Geminox condensing boiler for top up energy. Geminox developed the 0.9kW to 9.9kW THi boilers specifically to top up renewable energy – this model was originally designed for the Swiss and Austrian market and is now starting to be widely used in the UK.

During commissioning of this project, even on mild winter days, the solar tubes generated enough energy to provide the heating and the hot water for the home with the boiler isolated. For Octagon the requirement to have a continuous supply of luxury hot water is paramount in any heating and hot water design. This requirement is met by the hot water production coils of the thermal store, which ensure that hot water demand is met at all times and will never run out. Energy absorbed from the sun by the solar collectors is transferred to the hot water tank to indirectly heat the domestic hot water.

The solar controller will bring the boiler on to keep up with demand if the solar cannot satisfy the demand of the thermal store. The end user has the opportunity to select Eco mode on the controller - in this mode of operation the gas fired boiler is disabled so only the solar energy will heat the home and provide the hot water. The solar controller also records how many kilowatt hours of energy are provided by the solar system, allowing the home owner to see real and measurable benefits.

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