Everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature

Wood is a material that has fascinated humans for thousands of years. Solid wood exudes a feeling of wellbeing, warmth and stability. The diversity of our world is reflected in timber, every piece of wood is unique, a living cross-section of nature. Many try to copy nature but there is just no substitute for the real thing.

The subtle nuances and lively grain of a real wood floor teamed with the warmth that it radiates is captivating, a timeless charm. And it is no wonder, when we consider it is the culmination of decades of Mother Nature’s work.

Why Beech?

Beech is extremely versatile and compatible with a wide range of decorating styles. Beech takes stain better than other light species and can imitate successfully more exotic or softer woods to produce beautiful hardwearing hardwood floors at economically attractive prices.

Why Pollmeier Beech?

Pollmeier German Beech flooring is produced from trees between 60 and 200 years old, grown and harvested under Germany’s Federal Forrest laws – the strictest forestry laws on Earth.

Pollmeier’s vertically integrated operation, consistent grading rules and years of experience ensures consistency of quality – no surprises – resulting in faster fitting times.

Pollmeier Beech flooring is exclusively distributed in the UK by Havwoods Hardwood flooring. Telephone 01772 627000 email enquiries@havwoodsflooring.com Plan your space how you want it. We are best equipped to help you do so.

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