Dimplex is responding to the drive towards improvements in energy efficiency and reduced building carbon emissions with the launch of a new range of air-to-water heat pumps, suitable for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

With the ability to harness as much as 70% of the energy needed by the heating system from the environment, heat pumps offer one of the most energy-efficient forms of space and water heating solutions available.

Dimplex air-to-water heat pumps extract latent heat from the ambient air and are able to operate effectively at temperatures as low as -20ºC, conditions that are common in central Europe where Dimplex has been successfully selling and installing heat pumps for over 25 years and where air-to-water heat pumps are rapidly becoming the system of choice.

With comparatively high winter temperatures in the UK however, air-to-water heat pumps are ideally suited to the UK climate, explains Chris Davis, Dimplex marketing manager. “With average winter temperatures typically around 8ºC, the efficiency of the new generation of Dimplex air-to-water units improves dramatically, with overall season efficiencies comparable to ground source units, yet without the obvious need for expensive ground loop installation. This makes them ideal for either new build or retro fit applications and with the new Low Carbon Buildings Programme funding scheme expected to provide grant assistance for air-to-water heat pumps from later this year, they provide a very real opportunity for widespread take-up of heat pump technology.”

The Dimplex range includes models suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation, with nominal heating capacities from 8 – 28kW. Most models up to 16kW are available in single phase configuration with fully automatic soft start controls, while “reversible” models able to provide heating and cooling capabilities are also included within the range.

Dimplex has established a national network of approved heat pump installers and the launch is supported by a full package of pre- and post-sales support, including a specialist technical services team able to advise on product selection and installation requirements.

For further details on the Dimplex range, please email marketing@glendimplex.com or ring 0870 720 0036.

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