Evelina Children's Hospital London

"Created by children for children“ - this is the slogan of the team of Sir Michael Hopkins Architects. The London-based architects involved children in all design phases and created a building of light, warmth and colour in the heart of London.


A key characteristic for the child-friendly design of the hospital in optimum consistency with practical necessity is the concept for orientation and floormarking.
The cooperation with the children resulted in the decision to make the world of nature in its fresh, bright, and casual environment a major subject. Thus, each floor of the hospital was painted in its own colour, received its own name and a symbol from nature: On seven floors almost everything is represented, from the white "Arctic“, the “mountains” in red, to the ochre-coloured "Savannah“.


The consequent visualisation of the guidance system of colours and motives included a corresponding design of all floorcoverings on all floors. The architects decided to use noraplan® rubber floorcoverings, which met both the design demands with regard to the comprehensive colour spectrum and the strict hygiene provisions of the hospital.


Ken Hood, the project architect for the Evelina Hospital, already cooperated with the English branch of the world-wide leading rubber floorcovering manufacturer in earlier building projects. "We tendered environmentally compatible products and thus rubber was a good choice." Apart from a few functional-related exceptions, nora® floorcoverings do not have to be joint-sealed.


Decisive factors were the hygienic benefits as well as the economic benefits from the installation up to the long-term care of the floorcovering. The design highlight and the highest technical demand on the rubber floorcoverings in the Evelina Hospital are presented by the inlays, which serve to recreate the landscapes in the individual wards, provide functional floor-marking and at the same time emphasise the cheerful and warm atmosphere of the children’s hospital.


Overall, a visionary and unique building was created which hardly reminds of a hospital thanks to its child-friendly design. Hence, the Evelina Hospital was awarded the number one award in British architecture, the “Stirling Prize 2006 People’s Choice Award”, for good reasons.

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