European biofuels lead the way on sustainability

The Renewable Energy Association welcomed a report published today by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. The report shows that biofuels can be produced ethically and make a strong contribution to environmental and social responsibility and combatting climate change so long as they are well-regulated. Noting that this is a global issue, the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive gives an opportunity for the EU to set an example that other countries around the world can follow.

Commenting on the report, Clare Wenner, the REA's Head of Renewable Transport, said:

"As the report acknowledges, biofuels are one of the only renewable alternatives we have for transport fuels such as petrol and diesel. We must move away from our damaging dependence on fossil fuels. If in so doing, we can show the world that it is possible to move to an agricultural model that is genuinely sustainable and respects human rights, biofuels will have done a great service to the world. The longer we put this off, the more likely we are to move to ever more unsustainable and expensive production of fossil fuels."

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