EuraBuild Diamond

EuraBuild Diamond

This high-building coating offers outstanding performance characteristics with a highly attractive vivid metallic sparkle in its finish.


Super warranty

With a functional warranty of a maximum of 25 years, EuraBuild Diamond is extremely durable. Even in coastal areas this “diamond” performance is equal to a 3 or 4 layer PVDF system.


Outstanding performance

This PUR/PA system has great properties. It combines a super warranty with a maximum corrosion resistance, excellent protection against weathering, solar radiation and atmospheric contaminants.


With these specific advantages EuraBuild Diamond is suitable for nearly every cladding, roofing
and/ or ceiling project in any climate zone and/ or area specific circumstances.

Ref: NPI 1108 EuraBuild Diamond Benefits:

- Max. 35 years warranty
- Max. corrosion resistance
- Weathering protection

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