Ethereal cloud-like installation kicks off Milan Design Week

For the opening of Milan Design week, Milan-based architects, Piuarch, have created an ethereal light installation that illuminates the mini-botanical gardens in front of the festival. 

The light installation, named ‘agrAir’, appears as a series of ethereal cloud-like lanterns, suspended by acrylic glass rods.

Designed by Cornelius Gavril, underneath the array of suspended lanterns features a pedestrian walkway aligned with perfumed herbs and flowers.

Piurarch based agrAir’s design on future living spaces; championing lightness, brightness and eliminating the boundaries between artificial and natural spaces.

The prism-shaped lanterns are made out of a lightweight recyclable film which sway when the wind hits them, evoking imagery of a snow-covered forest.

Milan Design Festival runs from April 17-22, and afterwards, agrAir will move to their office's rooftop garden in Milan.

To view more about the installation click here


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