ESTER: The slim-frame window perfect for self-builds and renovations

Windows that tick every box for a new project are hard to come by. Finding a fenestration system that allows the inlet of light to be as large as possible, whilst retaining heat and providing great thermal control, can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

This process has now been made much easier, thanks to the Ester window – with uncompromising and forward-thinking Italian design meeting contemporary styling and modern energy efficiency standards. The latest innovation from ES Finestra, creators of slim and non-frame aluminium windows, their new system has been cleverly engineered to be an aesthetically beautiful window and also let in as much light as possible into a space.

One of Ester’s main design characteristics is its slim frames, bringing attention to where it’s deserved: the glass, the light, and the view. It encourages a clear view out of the window onto surrounding landscapes, and lets up to 40% more light in than a traditional uPVC window with its thin frames that measure just 44mm wide. These slim frames also contain a cleverly engineered thermal break that provides excellent thermal insulation values, as low as 1.12W/m2K in conjunction with the double or triple glazing – making Ester the sensible choice for those conscious of the lifetime cost of their building.

 On the outer side of the glass, no frame is seen – just the glazed surface – adding to the aesthetic of the building envelope as well as the interior space. Ester also provides excellent acoustic control and weather resistance – keeping out unwanted draughts and noise.

Ester’s slim frames can be specified in a number of different finishes that can either match an interior or provide a contemporary contrast: from a choice of aluminium, colours, woods, and RAL colours.

A design-conscious, cleverly engineered and future-proof glazing system, Ester is a window system that will suit your projects. Contact Bluebell today for technical information and more. 

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