Zero 1 offers structural expanses of glass with slender frames

Finally, windows that offer a full view. The Zero 1 window offers expansive glass that minimises external components and hardware to maximise the light inlet and view. Energy efficient  up to 0.8W/m2K, and quiet, with up to 40 dB sound-proofing, Zero 1 offers glazing design that future-proofs spaces and harmonises with the building itself.

Zero 1 Casement

The Zero 1 window is a feat of modern glazing design, as its large structural panes of glass, reaching to the edges of its slender frames, promotes natural light inlet, expansive views and clean, architectural lines for homes and commercial buildings. The casement window conceals framing components, including its aluminium thermal break, within a 66mm border profile that is specially printed onto the surface of the glass itself, leaving only one thing visible: glass. Zero 1’s glass-to-edge futuristic design provides a unique glazing solution – continuous facades of glass and ever-expanding views, as the glass outside is flush-to-frame, with no bulky mullions.

Zero 1 Lift-and-Slide

ES Finestra’s Lift-and-Slide takes the minimalism of the casement window and injects it into the mechanics, operation, and aesthetic of a sliding door. Compacted tracks that can sit below the floor threshold boast an innovative T-REX joint, ensuring water tightness over 2000 Pa, and a z-shaped thermal break which, alongside double or triple glazing, helps to make the sliding Zero 1 incredibly thermally efficient. Zero 1 Lift-and-Slide can be perfectly situated as a patio or balcony door, effectively bridging the gap from outside to in. It is also available in a ‘retractable’, pocket door version for cavity walls in order to maximise your available interior space, open up rooms and take away boundaries between spaces.

Zero 1 Corner Window

The versatility of expansive glazing knows no bounds, as ES Finestra highlight with their Corner Window. Taking the mechanics of Zero 1 to create a structural glazed corner, the Zero 1 Corner Window is a future-proofing glazing concept.  Commercial and residential interiors both benefit from corner glazing, enabling users to open up the incredible opportunities of light and visibility that a glazed corner offers. 

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