Engineering your façade with safety and economy

The Eurofox Engineering range of support system has been designed with ease of specification, ease of installation and long term performance in mind. The range is suitable for a variety of cladding types including:

• High Pressure Laminate
• Ceramic
• Thin Stone
• Terracotta
• Brick Slip Metals
• Metal
• Fibre Cement / Fibre Concrete
• Timber / Weatherboarding
• Glass facade

Meeting the demands for economical and flexible cladding support solutions, the Eurofox Rainscreen Cladding Support System is the first of its type to have British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium alloys conforming to BS EN 573-3:2007 (material) and BS EN 755 (production) standards, the Eurofox Rainscreen Cladding Support System provides guaranteed quality with long term performance.


Eurofox systems offer architects and specifiers the opportunity to design efficient, innovative and aesthetically attractive building façades that are straightforward to install and feature a variety of visible and concealed fixing options.

Eurofox has an internationally proven track record and the system components are renowned for their quality and ease of use.


Each system comprises a set of off the shelf components, starting with MacFox and X-Fox brackets, which are designed to work in the vertical and horizontal planes respectively. The former are now available with pre-assembled isolation pads. The brackets provide straightforward assembly to masonry, concrete, steel stud and timber substrates. The adjustment pocket in each bracket enables easy lining, levelling and fixing of Eurofox ‘L’ & ‘T’ profiles to the brackets.

The bracket range covers dimensions from 40mm to 240mm.

Typically 40mm outward adjustment is available from each bracket; this offers the designer and installer the ability to achieve any cladding zone dimension between 40mm and 300mm in 1mm increments.

AutoCAD and NBS plus

AutoCAD and NBS plus specification clauses are available for all Eurofox Engineering systems. These can be downloaded from the Eurofox website:

Supply and Installation

Eurofox Engineering Ltd (EEL) holds extensive stock at our Welwyn Garden City warehouse and our sales support team is on hand to provide immediate stock and price information. Initial supply of Eurofox components can generally be made to UK mainland locations within 24 hours of ordering. With prior notification EEL can produce or tailor profile lengths to meet project specific requirements.

EEL personnel will work with you to ensure the smooth running of a project from concept through to completion. Notification of the scope of work and the project location at an early point in the design stage enables EEL to recommend and introduce appropriate installers experienced with working with the Eurofox system proposed.


As part of a comprehensive technical support service, EEL can provide assistance for the safe and optimised setting out of the grid system through the preparation of ‘project specific’ static calculations.
These calculations determine the engineering requirements of the façade, through the most practical and economical use of the system components.

For an efficient calculation of material requirements and a guide to costs, use the Eurofox Engineering online Project Checklist at

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