Energy-optimizing daylight-directing system
OKASOLAR F ideal for use with triple insulation glazing

Marktheidenfeld / Tübingen, January 2011. Energy requirements for building envelopes are increasing. Insulating glass manufacturer OKALUX presents OKASOLAR F, a trend-setting light-directing system for energy-efficient building envelopes.

Specially formed louvres made from coated steel optimise buildings' energy balance very effectively. The newly developed light-directing profile cross-sections are extremely narrow – the louvres require only a space of 16 mm in the window cavity. This means that they are perfectly suitable for use with triple insulation glazing and narrow window designs. The horizontal transparency of 57% is also very good.

To regulate the interior lighting conditions, OKALUX has developed two different louvre types. OKASOLAR F U is used in the lower glazing area. Up to a height of about 1.80 m, the louvres reflect the majority of solar radiation back into the atmosphere with their special U cross-sections. OKASOLAR F O reflects daylight deep into the room via the upper glazed area. The two types interact perfectly to optimise the lighting conditions in the building. The evenly distributed illumination reduces the need for artificial lights, cutting down on energy costs. Furthermore, by regulating the heat input in the summertime the cooling load is reduced.
OKASOLAR F achieves U-values of between 0.6 and 1.0 W/m2K when used with triple insulation glazing, and between 1.1 and 1.5 W/m2 when used with double insulation glazing. The daylight directing system does not just improve a building's energy balance. It also creates a pleasant atmosphere inside and provides a high degree of user comfort.

You’ll find us at Bau 2011 (Hall C2, Stand 303)

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