ENER-G wins top energy industry award for international achievement

Combined heat and power (CHP) specialist ENER-G has won a prestigious industry award for its green energy achievements at a leading American university.

ENER-G's integrated energy services project at Saint Peter's University, New Jersey, has won The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) International Award, which recognises outstanding achievement by UK companies in the overseas CHP and district heating and cooling sector.

ENER-G has designed and implemented extensive energy demand reduction measures with combined cooling heat and power (CCHP), solar PV, and efficient lighting technologies. This is reducing the University's C02 emissions by 2012 metric tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the environmental benefit of removing 671 cars from the road or the C02 that would be sequestered by 1649 acres of forest.

The two-phase project was completed under 'pay-as-you-save' energy services agreements, which were funded by ENER-G and required no capital outlay by the client.

The infrastructure is controlled and monitored by the 'Energy Command Centre',  designed and developed in partnership with Emacx systems and likened to the Star Trek's  Starship Enterprise control room. The infographic style display screens provide live data on the  type of energy being used on campus, the total amount of energy savings and real-time data on the carbon saving benefits. It is also a learning laboratory and educational tool for students.

The ENER-G CHP systems at Saint Peter's were the first UK produced systems to receive UL 2200 approval, which is the exacting US product standard.

The judges said that ENER-G's entry "demonstrated a clear, integrated approach and showcased how a wide range of technologies can work together. They liked that the energy centre is used for training – a 'Starship Enterprise' for making energy more visible."

Alan Barlow, Chief Executive of ENER-G Cogen International, said: "We are extremely proud to win this ADE Award and gain recognition from our peers in the decentralised energy industry.  This project illustrates the cost and carbon savings that can be achieved by combining CHP generation with a range of energy efficiency and sustainability measures.  It also illustrates the scope to finance such projects on a pay-as-you-save basis."

The award was presented at a ceremony as part of ADE's  Heat Conference in London.

Commenting on the awards, ADE Director Dr Tim Rotheray, said: “Our industry is delivering real change. Whether it is through designing systems that save clients money, installing equipment that cuts energy use, lifting the vulnerable from fuel poverty or helping business manage their energy, we are the driving force behind powerful change. The change of hundreds of thousands of actions that are moving the UK to be a more efficient, less wasteful economy. This is an industry that should rightly be proud of itself and the tremendous positive impact that it is making.”

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